Innovative Solutions

Industry experience, building relationships and cutting-edge technology are essential to the success at HRSI in the fast-paced environment of healthcare reimbursement. We depend on our innovative software packages and customer care to achieve high conversion rates and reduce revenue cycle time.

EDGE Software

HRSI has developed two innovative software packages that are centrally designed around the Medicaid Application and workflow process. EDGE is a proprietary technology platform that integrates flawlessly with COMPASS. MATS is an application tracking system built on an open platform, which works in concert with EDGE.

EDGE Benefits 

Reliable independent servers


Shorter approval times


Improved application accuracy


Increased patient compliance


Stores applications

Populates Medicaid applications

Determines eligibility electronically

Retains applications for 7 years

Secure and fully encrypted platform

Revenue Cycle Time

Changes in healthcare policy are the driving force behind a greater emphasis on reducing time to payment. As rules and regulations in healthcare continue to be modified, accelerating the reimbursement process will become increasingly significant to strengthening hospital finances.

Cycle time is measured from the time HRSI is referred a patient to the time we get them approved. Our experience, knowledge and efficiency throughout the process propels HRSI to the top of the industry in the areas of high conversion rates and reducing cycle time.

Financial Counseling Services


offers financial counseling services to hospitals, a specific program to educate patients and mentor them through the registration process. This removes the administrative burden from healthcare facilities staff and allows them to focus more time on treating their patients.

In this role, HRSI collects insurance information from patients, verifies the data to ensure accuracy, and works diligently to complete the registration process.

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