Our Promise

HRSI is dedicated to leaving no stone unturned when identifying available healthcare programs for self-pay patients. We are committed to working hand-in-hand with each individual, navigating them through the complex healthcare reimbursement process to compensate facilities for the services they provide. HRSI has been providing eligibility services to healthcare facilities for over 25 years, using advanced technology to become the largest provider of Medicaid Services in the Commonwealth of PA.

Eligibility Services


Medicaid Eligibility

Federal Disability (SSI/SSDI)

Financial Assistance

Our Process

Building partnerships have been a tremendous factor in our success at HRSI. Our long-standing relationships with various local, state and federal agencies enable us to streamline the eligibility process and secure patient assistance. Efficiency is key to reducing revenue cycle time and our vast experience in the field allows us to swiftly navigate the application process without hesitation or delay.


Securing the cooperation of patients


Gathering the necessary information for documentation

Obtaining and completing required forms


Locating patients


Submitting timely applications


Representing patients at face-to-face interviews


Representing patients at Fair Hearings


Providing monthly management reports


Finding Solutions

Each case is unique and finding a solution entails creativity and persistence. HRSI regularly develops customized Eligibility Programs for the following patient populations:






Emergency Department


Nursing Home




Social Wellness


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