Expert Service For Over 25 Years

Teresa Delany

Corporate Director, Operations


Year started at HRSI: 1999

Current Residence: Bucks County

Original Hometown: Philadelphia

Hobbies: Spending time with her eighteen-month old daughter Nova Ann, and travelling with her husband and family.

Teresa joined HRSI in 1999 and currently serves as the Executive Director of Operations. Over her 19-year tenure with the company, Teresa has held several positions including patient advocate, corporate trainer, corporate auditor and manager through her current position leading operations.  Due to her extensive knowledge in the healthcare industry, Teresa is instrumental in assisting the sales team with onboarding new clients, as well as overseeing all client initiatives in-house.  She is responsible for all HRSI Program Managers, ensuring all procedures and goals are being properly administered.

What you like most about working at HRSI“What I like most about working at HRSI is that it affords me the ability to help patients. While my goal is always to achieve the highest results for our clients and provide excellent customer service, my greatest accomplishments are through the work we do with patients to ensure they have continued health care coverage.”