expert billing services for medicaid & medical assistance claims

Helping healthcare providers for over 20 years.

billing services

HRSI has been providing expert billing services to healthcare providers for over 20 years.

Hospital Billing ServicesAt the providers request, we will initiate the billing of Medicaid and Medical Assistance claims. We have a long history of working with providers and State agencies to ensure that all proper procedures are followed.

HRSI's staff will screen self-pay patients for other potential benefits. HRSI will gain their consent, apply, gather required documentation, and submit applications to all applicable benefit programs. The application will be tracked until its resolution; this includes eligibility decisions that are being appealed.

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Hospitals benefits

  • Reduced bad debt
  • Increase cash flow
  • Reduced collection fees
  • Reduced revenue cycle time
  • Charity Care assistance
  • Community service
  • Compliance with local, State, and Federal guidelines

Patient benefits

  • Dedicated bilingual advocate
  • Meticulous follow through to obtain benefits
  • Decrease from the burden of costly medical expenses
  • Potential for cash, heating support, preventative health care, and more