edge - A proprietary technology platform

A bridge for submiting accurate and complete electronic applications.

Edge Eligibility process Software

HRSI has developed an innovative software program that integrates flawlessly with COMPASS.

EDGE is a proprietary technology platform that works in partnership with the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare online program (COMPASS) that gives advocates the ability to screen and identify all potential local, State and Federal benefits available to individuals.

Each component of the application is self-contained, yet interconnected. Additional background questions are posed that allow for the discovery of all applicable benefits.

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edge advantages

  • Determine eligibility electronically
  • Store applications
  • Retain records
  • Secure and fully encrypted platform
  • Reliable independent servers
  • Shorter approval times
  • Improved application accuracy
  • Increased patient compliance
  • Retains applications for 7 years
  • Automatically populates a printable version of Medicaid applications